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Product Technical Releases


We now have in-store, the new GPSMAP 8400/8400xsv series, an extension of its flagship GPSMAP 8400 series that brings premium features like built-in sonar and extensive networking capabilities, in more affordable display options.

Available in 10, 12 and 16-inch displays that feature full HD in-plane switching (IPS) screens with multi-touch control, the GPSMAP 8400/8400xsv series is Wi-Fi enabled and offers full connectivity and networkability, so mariners can completely customize their marine electronics system based on their needs and preferences.

With built-in support for Garmin’s industry-leading sonar, the GPSMAP 8400xsv series includes support for dual-channel 1kW traditional CHIRP, CHIRP ClearVü and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonars, plus Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar, giving anglers the greatest sonar detail available from a Garmin system to date. These chartplotters also support the full Garmin Panoptix™ all-seeing sonar product line, including Panoptix LiveScope™, the first and only live real-time scanning sonar available on the market today. Transducers are sold separately. Non-sonar capable versions of each new display – the GPSMAP 8410, GPSMAP 8412 and GPSMAP 8416 – are also available.



Fremantle Marine Electronics we can now offer a discount on most FURUNO and GARMIN products. Call us today to find out more.



Fremantle Marine Electronics we can now offer a discount on most FURUNO and GARMIN products. Call us today to find out more.



Fremantle Marine Electronics are pleased to announce that we can now read / convert marks from JRC series plotters NWU-800, JLZ-700 etc.

We either require your RAM card with your marks saved onto it, or alternatively bring your NWU-800, Plot-700FX, JLZ-700 series plotter into us and we can backup your marks to a compatible RAM card.

The conversion process takes 10 days, as we physically send the card outside of Australia to a secure processing facility. 

We can also provide the same process for FURUNO GD-180/188 plotters - this conversion process we can provide in house at our Fremantle office. Either provide us with a floppy disk containing your marks directly from your FURUNO GD180/188 plotter, or bring the complete unit in to us.

JRC JLZ-700.jpg


The Furuno FCV-2100 Black Box Split beam sounder with a powerful, 100Khz 1KW unit designed for serious fishing boats and amateurs. It comes with 1kW transmitter and  a FM (CHIRP) operating frequenciy of 100 kHz. 

The FCV-2100 can measure and display fish sizes in three locations at the same time. This allows you to compare and analyze fish size and school composition, which makes for more efficient fishing, such as aiming for fish of a particular size.

Display up to three different frequencies together by connecting a network Fish Finder. When connected to the BBDS1 you gain the bottom discrimination function, which indicates whether the bottom is composed mainly of rocks, gravel, sand or mud. This information aids in identifying seabed and which species are present.

With dedicated 16CM 1KW 100Khz splitbeam transducer, the FCV-2100 has a usable range from 10-800Mtr, and offers Bottom-lock expansion, Bottom zoom, Marker zoom, Discrimination zoom, and a fish sizing graph.



NEW WASSP F3 CHIRP DRX WASSP for fishing use. Clearly seen is the Sonar, Echosounder, and seafloor views.

WASSP Fishing version offers 224 beams@136-184kHz with 48Khz bandwidth from 2m <200m. Up to 16Hz ping rate, with variable beam width, multiple power levels optimised depth, depth to coverage ratio 1:3.4 , and is compatible with wide range of 3rd party sensors.

Compatible with Maxsea, QINSY, HyPack, Sodena other 3rd party software. OLEX interface pending.



OLEX have released their own new multibeam sonar.  ATEC is a 320-480Khz multibeam sonar head to be used directly with OLEX software. ATEC offers 256-512 beams, 80Khz bandwidth, 50HZ Ping rate, 10mm depth accuracy usable from 2-250Mtr.

Hardness results are extraordinary, and installation is simplified as all electronics are housed inside the transducer.

When used with Kongsberg MRU and 9205 GPS the systems exceeds IHO Special Order 44.

Can be used with existing motion sensing such as JLR21, SC30, SC50/60 etc.

Hardness ATEC 150Mtr.jpg


Kaijo have released the KCS-60, which is a 24VDC 62Khz OMNI directional digital beam formed sonar which is a drop in replacement for the Furuno CSH-5L; all bolt holes and tube sizes are identical.

The KCS-60 is a high resolution unit, with a maximum range of 5000Mtr, offering 1024x1280 resolution, and offers a fish sizing graph as standard. It is shipped with a high brightness 19" Display.

This sonar offers extreme clarity, large interfacing options, fish sizing of distant targets, built in stabilization and Kaijo standard stainless steel dome assembly.

Bottom Mackerel and horse mackerel.jpg


Hondex have released their new seabed mapping sounder/plotter combination unit. The HDX-121 offers many unique features; 50/200Khz @ 1/2KW power, 800x600 display resolution, sounder picture/hardness graph rewind, direct marking from sounder mode, hardness mapping, depth contour colouring, and many more. 

This 12.1" combination unit is built on linux technology, meaning that it is fast, accurate and reliable. It has an inbuilt 2KW sounder, inbuilt GPS with full functioning plotter which can accept a CMAP SD chart card. Seafloor 'maps' can be stored inside the unit, and can also be stored to a USB card or an SD device. Offering a long rewind history of the sounder image and hardness graph, and the ability to mark directly from the echosounder mode. 

The HDX-121 can accept and output many standard NMEA sentences - HDT, GLL ,RMC, APA, BOD; this unit can also output Hondex own sentence for use with OLEX for high density, high accuracy seabed and Hardness mapping.

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