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Based in South Australia, REDARC has 40 years’ experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters and associated products, inverters, power supplies, battery chargers, brake controllers and trailer braking products.

Fremantle Marine Electronics sell a range of REDARC voltage converters & boosters which are a valuable asset in many marine applications (for example a 24V vessel will require a voltage reducer for radio communication equipment).

VRT 30 Redarc.jpg

Voltage Converters, Conditioners, Boosters

REDARC have a wide range of Voltage reducers from 5 to 30 Amp. 

They also have a range of ISOLATED and NON-ISOLATED 12-12 and 24-24 line stabilisers, along with a series of 12v to 24V voltage boosters.

All products are hermetically sealed, water-resistant, offer low EMI / RFI interference and are ideal for marine environments.

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