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SIMRAD Commercial


Since 1984, when Simrad introduced the Simrad ES380 split-beam echo sounder, they have constantly improved the technology. The latest technology in the ES80  provides you with up to four frequencies and single, dual or split beam transducers. These features allow fishing in shallow as well as in very deep water.

  • Zoom function with biomass information

  • Bottom hardness

  • Innovative display gain functionality

  • Seamless automatic range

  • Automatic pulse length adjustment

  • Unlimited number of personal settings

  • Fast and easy operation

  • Improved bottom detection functionality

  • 24 hours “on-screen” history

  • Menu system in multiple languages

  • Up to six frequencies shown simultaneously

  • Optimized for wide screen displays (16:9)



The Simrad ES80 is the latest generation Split Beam/Single Beam Echosounder, for any type of fishery using the latest innovations in computer technology. The ES80 offers top performance at any depth, and is easy to operate

It is operated by means of a standard computer trackball and a menu system.

The display presentation provided is based on an award winning design. The menu system, presentation of echograms, and the user interface elements have been created in close cooperation with designers and users.

Several Different Frequencies: 18, 38, 70, 120 and 200kHz.

The ES80's ability to operate in either CW, CHIRP or any combination or either mode allows for extremely clear seafloor and target images, as well as precise fish sizing.



The Simrad ES70 split beam echo sounder has the ability to determine and display fish dispersion, position, size, biomass and seafloor hardness all on an intuitive easy to use diplay. SIMRAD sounders have the ability to interface to 3rd party software such as OLEX, SODENA, SEAPIX and also post processing software for detailed analysis.

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