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FURUNO manufactures a variety of high-tech products that include radar, GPS and other navigation equipment; fish finders, sonar and other fishing equipment; satellite communication systems, GMDSS and other radio communication equipment; bottom mapping sonar, current indicator systems and other marine research equipment. Since its inception, FURUNO has concentrated on applying scientific advances to fishing operations and to safety and efficiency of navigation.

Furuno Products include:

  • Echo Sounders / Split beam and Fish Sizing

  • Current Indicator

  • Scanning / Omni Sonars

  • Radar in both conventional scanner/dome units with seperate video / BP / AZI, and also Ethernet based radar

  • GPS & Plotter units

  • GPS / Satellite Compass

  • Autopilots

  • Radio Communications - VHF, HF, AIS

  • High Quality marine displays from 15 - 24" daylight veiwable

  • Navnet 3D, Time Zero Touch MFD's, and

  • Maxsea Navigation Software

tzt3 9 12 16 19.png


NEW “NavNet Command Center” allows control of up to five 3rd party devices using a built-in HTML browser
More powerful quad-core processor for lightning-fast response
Built-in Dual Channel 1 kW TruEcho CHIRP™ Dual Channel (TZT12F/16F/19F) or Single Channel (TZT9F) & CW Fish Finder
Pin Code Lock - require a password to access your NavNet TZtouch3 upon startup

New gesture controls:

Swipe up to view App Layers. Toggle commonly used items & layer them on your screen. Options change depending on which page is active.

Swipe down from the top to select your Quick Pages. Think of these as similar to your car stereo presets. Easily set your favorites with a long press.

Swipe from the left to bring up your NavData box. Access general Nav Data from the Data tab or App-specific data when on individual pages.

Swipe from the right of the screen to bring up the menu of often-used functions, such as Tracks, Position Entry, Tides, ARPA, Fuel, CZone, and more.

tzt3 split screen.png


The Furuno FCV-1900 Black Box Dual frequency sounder is a powerful, dual-frequency Fish Finder designed for serious fishing boats and amateurs. It comes with 1-3kW transmitter, and  a broad range of operating frequencies from 15 kHz to 200 kHz. This allows you to easily replace any older sounder while keeping the same transducer for convenience. The simple to use control unit features a water resistant touch pad that works even when wearing rubber gloves. You can use the touch pad for setting up VRM and TLL in an instant.

The FCV-1900 can be upgraded to chirp or fish sizing versions which offer enhanced clarity, larger frequency choice and the ability to count the number and size of fish in an area.

Display up to four different frequencies together by connecting a network Fish Finder. When connected to the BBDS1 you gain the bottom discrimination function, which indicates whether the bottom is composed mainly of rocks, gravel, sand or mud. This information aids in identifying seabed and which species are present.



The DFF3-3D is a network sounder module which can provide sidescan, 3D seafloor imaging, and enhanced fish finder capability on the TZT2 series MFD's. Built on WASSP technology, the DFF-3D is a 165Khz, 800W multibeam sounder, capable of 300Mtr depths, with a 120degree swath width. All of this means that the DFF-3D can cover a very large amount of seafloor in a very short space of time.

Features include:

  • 165 kHz



  • BASIC RANGE5-1200 m

  • DETECTION RANGE200 m* (Side Beam Best Performance)
    300 m* (Main Beam Directly Under Boat) *Depending on bottom, water and installation.

  • BEAM ANGLE FOR TRIPLE BEAM SOUNDER20°-50° from right under

  • DISPLAY MODE: Triple/Single Beam Sounder, Side Scan, Cross Section, 3D Sounder History

  • EXTERNAL KP1 port (optional external KP kit required)

DFF3D Display.jpg

FAR-15x3 Series

FAR-15x3 series have a new innovative function "Target Analyzer™" that displays moving targets, stationary targets, rain, sea surface and targets closing in on your vessel in different colors. Target Analyzer™ can improve situational awareness, hence supporting safety of vessel operation.

Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function delivers decluttered echo presentation with a single press of a dedicated key: gain control, sea surface clutter and rain clutter control are adjusted automatically. 

Fast Target Tracking™ In target tracking, the acquisition speed has been improved as a speed and course vector is displayed in a matter of seconds after selecting any target.

Enhanced usability on the control unit
A touchpad is employed on the standard control unit, offering durability and intuitive operation. The trackball control unit is also connectable as an option to support single hand operation.

FAR-15x3 Radar.jpg

Satellite Compass

The SC30/70/130 Satellite Compass series provide highly accurate attitude information for navigation equipment such as radar, plotter, autopilot, fish finder and sonars. It can be used for a wide variety of applications on any type of vessel.


  • All-in-one system for simple, space-saving installation

  • Heading accuracy of 1.0/0.4/ 0.25(SC-30/70/130)

  • Short start-up time of 3 minutes

  • Excellent follow-up rate of 45 degrees/second exceeds requirement for high speed craft

  • Free from regular maintenance

  • NMEA2000 interface standard

  • Optional NMEA 0183 (IEC-61162-1/2) interface



The Furuno NavPilot dynamically adjusts essential parameters during navigation, such as vessel speed, trim, draught, tide and wind effects, dead band, weather and more. These parameters are stored in system memory and continuously optimized to make the NavPilot more versatile.


  • Dual NMEA2000 network interface and Furuno CAN bus interface provides isolation and redundancy for safety

  • Perfect for inboard or outboard power boats

  • Simple one-touch mode selection enables flexible steering and course control

  • Perfect cosmetic match with NavNet 3D, FI50 instrument series, GP33 GPS Navigator and RD33 Data Display

  • Mix and match up to 6 displays in a single network


1945 Radar

Furuno’s 1945 Radar is a high contrast 10.4" color LCD radar designed for a wide range of vessels including pleasure craft, fishing boats and work boats. This new radar offers crystal clear target presentation with automatic Gain/Sea/Rain controls to deliver noise-free radar presentation.


  • Stable ARPA target-tracking with zoom display function available (Requires optional ARP11 PCB and heading input) 

  • AIS tracking (Requires external AIS and heading input)

  • Full Screen Mode lets operators observe a wider range around the vessel

  • Enhanced auto tuning/gain/anti-clutter controls

  • Echoes in yellow, green, orange or multiple colors

  • Cursor Lat/Lon readout (requires NMEA GPS data and Heading input)

MODEL-1835 1945_front.jpg

FAR-21x7 Series

The FAR-2xx7 series of X-band radars are the result of FURUNO's 50 years of experience in the marine electronics and advanced computer technology industries. This series of equipment is designed to meet the exacting standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for ships of 1000 GT and more but less than 10000 GT. (NOTE:300 GT ships can carry this series of radars)


  • High resolution DVI-D LCD display

  • Two independent X- and S-band radars can be interswitched to meet SOLAS requirements 

  • Easy operation by customizable function keys, trackball/wheel palm module, and rotary controls

  • Low spurious magnetrons meeting ITU-R standards

  • Standard ARPA functions displaying 100 ARPA targets 

  • Display up to 1000 AIS symbols

  • Optional track ball system for a remote station

  • ARPA function is provided as a standard

  • Interswitch capability without dedicated hardware for dual or multiple radar/ARPA installation


FCV 1150

The FCV1150 is a color digital sounder designed for a variety of professional fishing operations. It’s high-brightness 12.1” color LCD with AR coated glass filter provides superior, glare-free viewing even in direct sunlight.

The FCV1150 employs Furuno Free Synthesizer (FFS) technology which permits a wide selection of operating frequencies from 28 to 200 kHz.


  • High-brightness 12.1” LCD with AR coated glass filter and anti-polarized sunglass filter

  • Post-processing Gain Control applied to all echoes displayed on the screen

  • White Edge bottom discrimination feature

  • Heaving compensation available for stable echo presentation even in rough seas

  • Furuno Digital Filter (FDF) delivers crystal clear target presentation

  • Adjustable operating frequency and power


CSHxL Series

The Furuno CSHxL series are full-circle scanning sonar that rapidly detects and displays individual fish, fish schools and changing underwater conditions. Fish distribution and seabed conditions in 360 degrees around your vessel are shown in 16 colors.


  • Full-circle scanning sonar detects and instantaneously displays fish schools and underwater conditions

  • Vivid 16-color display assists in recognition of bottom structure, and concentration and distribution of fish schools

  • Various fishing and navigation data keep operator abreast of fishing and navigation conditions (appropriate sensors required)

  • Four user-programmable function keys for quick setup according to fishing conditions or specific function

  • High power transmitter ensures reliable operation under any conditions

  • Transducer frequency : 55 or 85 kHz (5L/8L)


CI-68 Doppler Sonar Current Indicator

The FURUNO CI-68 is a new Doppler Sonar Current Indicator designed for various types of fish and hydrographic survey vessels. The CI-68 displays tide speed and direction at five depth layers and ship’s speed.


  • Compact 3-unit design for ease of installation and maintenance

  • High definition VGA output

  • Continuous display of tide speed and direction at the five depth selected layers

  • Triple-beam system for less error in tide current detection

  • True tide current presentation with external GPS navigator and Gyrocompass or Satellite Compass

  • Direct interface to CSHx series sonar for interconnect


Satellite Communication

Intellian T seies, VSAT, and Fleet Broadband satcomms

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