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HONDEX echosounders and GPS plotters are suitable for a wide range of commercial fishing industries. 

Hondex transducers, sounders, and GPS products are deisgned and produced in house by HONDA corporation in Japan.

  • All Hondex units are designed and constructed in Japan

  • All transducers are BLT design and offer the best matching to Hondex sounders

  • Cost effective transducer / sounder combination

  • VGA (640x480) output from 7300Di / 1500Di / 7301II allows any number of remote displays at any size

  • HDX-121 offers 800x600 resolution, sounder rewind function, Hardness output, and hardness/depth contour mapping all from the one unit

  • Hardness (Roxann format) output from 7300Di/1500Di can be used with OLEX and compatible plotting systems

  • Hardness tracking from within unit allows stand alone plotter/hardness mapping (HDX-121 only)

  • Transducers available in power levels from 600w to 5KW in frequencies from 28Khz to 400Khz

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HDX-121 is a new designed plotter/sounder combination unit from Hondex. Running on Linux technology, this combination unit is fast, reliable, and produces amazing sounder images while mapping the seafloor on the inbuilt plotter.

This 12.1" unit has an inbuilt GPS, VGA output, 800x600 resolution, 1-2KW sounder at 50/200Khz, offers sounder 'rewind' function, on screen hardness graph, and can record both the seafloor and hardness contours all from within the unit.

The HDX-121 has a CMAP SD card reader slot; any CMAP SD chart card can be used. The unit has multiple NMEA input/output ports, can accept a wide range of NMEA data, and can output many different formats including hardness data (if required) for external plotting.

This unit can map hardness and depth contours directly onto the inbuilt plotter, and colour them accordingly. Seafloor data can then be saved onto either an SD card, or a standard USB device. 

HDX-121 CMAP 1.jpg

HE 775Di/7300Di **NOW ON SPECIAL**

HE 775 DI offers a 10.4" display with 50/200Khz operation at power levels from 1-3KW. This unit has the ability to be used with existing vessel transducers. The picture can be presented in Landscape or Portrait mode on the high quality 10 inch colour LCD screen.


HE7300 DI offers 10.4" display, infinitely variable frequency from 20Khz - 250Khz in power levels from 1-5KW. The HE7300 DI offers VGA output (640x480 resolution), NMEA in/output, Temperature output, and HARDNESS data output for use with appropriate plotting software.


HE 773 Di

The HE-773 DI is a multi frequency SEARCHLIGHT SONAR for smaller vessels. The 773DI is comprised of only two components; the 10.4" display and the sonar dome assembly. There is no hull processor unit or transmitter units required.

There are multiple frequencies available to suit different fishing / collision avoidance industries. Available in 400Khz, 45/180Khz or 290Khz configurations, the 773DI is a versatile unit.

With a 1KW TX power, and usable range of up to 300Mtr, this is a very cost effective unit. An optional automatic hoist unit is also available for larger vessel installation.


Hondex Transducers

Hondex manufacture their own cost effective transducers from the element all the way up to the housing, in house. All marine transducers are BLT (Bolt Clamped Langevin) design, offering superior frequency stability, bandwidth, & durability even under high amplitude signals.

Frequency and power range from a tiny 350W at 200Khz, all the way up to 5KW at 28Khz. Hondex transducers are available in a large range of configurations ranging from Dual frequency 50/200Khz 1/2/3KW to specialised frequencies, and even tri-resonant designs, some resonant examples are:

38-75Khz in power ranges 1.5KW-5KW; 32-40Khz @ 2.5/3KW; 36-65 @ 3/5KW; 28-55 @ 3/5KW; 28-100 @ 3/5KW; and 28-55-100Khz @ 3/5KW.

Standard/conventional frequencies are also available which can be used with almost any manufacturers sounder - 28Khz @ 3/5KW; 50 @ 1.5/3KW; 200 @ 1/1.5/3KW & 50/200Khz @ 1/3/5KW. There are varying beam widths available, depending upon frequency and power selection.

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