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Miniplex Shipmodul

Shipmodul design and produce Miniplex hardware and software for a wide range of uses. Whether it is NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and SeaTalk networks, they integrate seamlessly with the MiniPlex-3 series NMEA multiplexers. They offer the ultimate solution to connect old and new worlds and the perfect gateway to computers and tablets. The system will accept any NMEA sentences from almost any device: GPS, Radar, AIS, Sounder, GPS, Motion sensor, Satellite Compass, Doppler Log, Sonar, AUtopilot etc and provide a bi-directional data transfer with minimal conversion time (< 1 ms).

MiniPlex 3 Features

Miniplex 3 models include:

  • 4 input port galvanic isolation

  • RS 232 / 422 input on all ports

  • 4800 up to 115200 baud on inputs

  • 2 x RS422/232 outputs at up to 115200 baud

  • 1 X USB Port (for programming and NMEA data)

  • 1 X N2K Port at 250Kbps, LEN:1

  • 1 X Ethernet port (either DHCP, STATIC IP) TCP or UDP 100B/TX

  • Ability to convert TLL > WPL or N2K PGN

  • Can convert Modbus <> NMEA

  • Plain text <> NMEA

  • Seatalk <> NMEA <> NMEA2K conversions


Minplex series provide full opto-isolation on all ports, can be used as a buffer, multiplexer, ethernet data hub, wifi access point, and data converter.

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