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ZCG Scalar

Marine Aerials

We stock a large range of ZCG Scalar aerials including:

  • 2-30MHz: The 2-30MHz or HF range is used for long distance, long wave communications for either fixed position or vessel mount applications. ZCG’s range of deck mount antennas are best suited for larger vessels or cruise ships. For land based 2-30MHz please see Fixed Position HF Broadband 3-wire.

  • 27MHz: The 27MHz long wave communication range falls under the HF frequency band. ZCG has a range of deck mount, mast mount and ground dependent whips designed for smaller to large water-craft and vessels. For land based 27MHz please see Fixed Position 27MHz.

  • AIS: Automatic Identification System is a world-wide marine systems to increase safety on the water, incorporating vessel mount, satellite tracking and internet based technology. AIS was implemented to transmit and record large cargo, commercial and passenger vessels; heading, weight, country of origin, docking port and other vital information to all vessels in the area or online to improve safety while on the water. There are 2 classes of AIS; AIS Class A for vessels over 300 gross Ton for international haulage or passenger vessels of any size which require an AIS system, and AIS Class B for domestic commercial vessels or pleasure craft. The above is current information from the Australian Maritime Department.

  • AM/FM Radio Receive: AM and FM Radio Receive for your commercial or recreational vessel will keep you up to date with local weather and news whilst on the water. ZCG also supply structure and mast mount AM and FM radio receive antennas.

  • Mobile Phone: The Telecommunications companies within Australia transmit a limited range of the mobile phone networks into marine environments. ZCG supply a range of antennas to boost your mobile phone reception and wireless data improvement across the Telstra, Optus & Vodafone 4G, 3G & GSM mobile phone networks.

  • Marine UHF:  Marine UHF is the same as land base UHF utilising the 400-520MHz range. 477MHz UHF CB Radio is used for general communications. ZCG range of Marine UHF antennas have been specifically designed for the tough maritime environment. UHF communications will not achieve the distant of the lower and larger wave VHF communications.

  • Marine VHF:  Marine VHF is the other frequency band allocated for marine communications, utilising the 156-162MHz range, VHF transmit and receive distance is greater than UHF CB Radio due to the longer and larger waves at the VHF frequency. ZCG offer both vessel and structure or land mount antennas.

  • Robust white nylon dual fold down bases or heavy duty stainless steel dual fold down bases for deck mounted aerials.

  • Bases to suit side-mounted aerials.

Please visit us in-store to discuss which aerial suits your needs.

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