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Garmin is a global company with offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia. At these facilities, Garmin carry out various stages of product development, from initial concept to mass production of shelf-ready units. Garmin are able to maintain a high level of quality while also responding more quickly to the ever-changing marketplace.
Products include Multibeam Sonar, Conventional/Chirp Sounders, Side and Down View, Autopilots, Communications, Daylight Viewable Monitors to name a few. 
Fremantle Marine are a service level GARMIN dealer, we offer the following GARMIN products:


Garmin MSC10 Satellite Compass

GARMINs new Satellite Compass can connect to any NMEA2000 network and provide accurate Position, Heading, Attitude and Heave data. Connect to your autopilot for amazing heading accuracy, also be used for heave compensation on compatible echo-sounders!

The multi-band GNSS (L1 and L5 GPS) and multi-constellation (GPS, Galileo1, GLONASS and BeiDou1) receiver delivers precise positioning up to 1Mtr.

GARMIN MSC10 Satellite Compass


GARMINs latest Multi Function offering is a completely redesigned combo unit with amazing features: IPS 1920x1080 display, HDMI input and output allowing you to use the 84xx series as a HD monitor, or output to any HDMI display.



Garmin offer a wide range of transducers from 250w single frequency, all the way up to 3KW Broadband multi-element designs.

Fremantle Marine Electronics can match almost any transducer from any manufacturer to work with a GARMIN MFD, GPSMAP, or sonar module. 

Some popular frequency/power combination are a single channel 28Khz 3KW transducer - it can be used from 5Mtr depths all the way out to 3000Mtr with very high clarity, or GARMIN's own GT51-M (80-160Khz / 600W) complete with sidescan and clear-vu offers a very versatile transducer that works reliably to approximately 200Mtr depths.

For wide seafloor coverage there is the PANOPTIX range of transducers which work to approximately 300Mtr depths. 

For 'live' viewing of the life and seafloor Garmin's latest release 'LIVESCOPE XR' cannot be missed. This unique transducer offers an almost video quality view of fish, seafloor and structure, up to depths of 90Mtrs.

GT51 Side VU pair


GARMIN autopilots are built to work for your vessel! With a solid-state 9-axis Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS), or optional Satellite Compass the GHP Reactor™ autopilot series holds your course even when your boat is pitching and rolling in rough water. Offers flexible installation options and requires a minimum amount of commissioning and calibration. The result is a more comfortable ride, while heading error, course deviation and rudder movement are minimised.

Options range from a SOLENOID drive version, hydraulic pump version without display (to suit a vessel which already has a Garmin network display), integrated variable speed pumps all the way up to steer-by-wire systems for Yamaha Helm Master, VOLVO-Penta, or Viking VIPER.

Whatever your steering system is, there is a GARMIN autopilot that can can steer your vessel.


Garmin offers communications and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) designed to enhance convenience and safety for mariners worldwide. All include Digital Selective Calling (DSC), a global protocol that uses channel 70 to transmit and receive digital messages. VHF radios equipped with DSC can send and receive digital emergency messages, private calls and general calls and let you call attention to VHF calls by using stored Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) numbers. DSC significantly improves the chances of rapid rescue.

Garmin VHF110 VHF210
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