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Kaijo Products

KAIJO Corporation was founded in 1948 and is based in Tokyo, Japan with branch offices across Japan; Bangkok, Thailand; and Khet Sathorn, Bangkok. As of January 11, 2012, KAIJO Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Shibuya Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Sonic Corporation offer Ultrasonic systems for Meteorology, Oceanography, Industrial Flow Monitoring, and Fishing Industry.

FIshing products include Single Beam (standard) echo sounders, Split Beam echo sounders, Omnidirectional and Half-Scanning sonar, Doppler Water Current Meter, and Net-Finding equipment. Kaijo Sonar systems are unique in that they all use a stainless steel sound dome meaning lower maintenance, longer life, and superior long range detection of small targets. 

Products available:

  • Single Beam sounder KCE-310 in 15, 24, 50, 75, 200Khz *

  • Split Beam sounder KSE-310 with sizing (biomass) in 38, 70, 120Khz * 

  • *Compatible with ECHOVIEW software for post analysis of recorded seafloor/watercolumn data

  • Half Scanning Sonar SCS-18H available in 164, 174, 184Khz

  • Omnidirectional Sonar SCS-60 in 62Khz with fish sizing *Fits 8" tube and bolt layout*

  • Omnidirectional Sonar SCS-24 in 24, & 28Khz

  • Omnidirectional Sonar SCS-50 in 43, & 50Khz

  • Omnidirectional Sonar SCS-88 in 88 / 94Khz offering biomass/sizing function of sonar targets! - 5000Mtr range

  • Omnidirectional Sonar SCS-22 in 21Khz offering biomass/sizing of targets

  • Doppler Water Current Indicator KDG-300 140Khz with 3D current

  • Net finder KNF-100 for Purse Seining in 35, 45, 55, 65Khz


Kaijo SCS-60

The SCS-60 is a 24VDC 62Khz OMNI directional digital beam formed sonar which is a drop in replacement for any 8" sonar - all bolt holes and tube sizes are identical. The SCS-60 is a high resolution unit, with a maximum range of 5000Mtr, offering 1024x1280 resolution, and is shipped standard with a high brightness 19" Display. Any manufacturer current indicator can be interfaced, as can echosounders, temp sensors, heading sensors etc. This sonar offers extreme clarity, large interfacing options, fish sizing of distant targets, built in stabilization and Kaijo standard stainless steel dome assembly.

Bottom Mackerel and horse mackerel

Kaijo KSE-300

The KSE-300 is available in 3 frequencies for split beam operation 38, 70, & 120Khz. KSE-300 offers extreme accuracy of fish sizing, location and density. Kaijo's own transducer design offers superior clarity, resolution and accuracy. Display resolution of 1024X1280 pixels ensures the highest quality echosounder display.

Multiple frequencies of either split or single beam can be run at the same time. Up to four frequencies can be displayed simultaneously, they can also be 'mixed' to offer the best clarity.

KSE-310 Split Beam

Kaijo SCS-18H

Kaijo SCS-18H Half Scanning Sonar in 164, 174, 184Khz.

This unique sonar is an Omni-Directional sonar with a 180degree transducer array; meaning  at any given time a full half display of targets can be seen.


The SCS-18H also offers short pulse chirp technology to allow individual target detection almost on the seafloor. With an effective 500Mtr range at the surface, this is a very effective sonar.


The SCS-18H soundome offers unique guide rings for the hoist unit, ensuring trouble free operation for many years


Kaijo SCS-24

The SCS-24 21Khz sonar offers superior target detection through the minimisation of side lobes, meaning even at low tilt angles the sea-surface is not detected, only fish schools.  With either sectional or omni-directional modes this sonar can detect small targets up to 5000mtr! With a ring guide hull unit, and a stainless steel transducer, this sonar is suited to larger vessels and is very robust. Offering 360x60 OR 12x60 TX pattern and 9x9 OR 10x12 Receiver modes (user switchable) this sonar is truly designed for long range detection.


The image on the left shows a school being tracked at 2181mtr, and the sizing graph shows fish sized from 15 to 20cm in length.


Kaijo SCS-88

This full Omni-Directional sonar with superhetrodyne receiver and beam forming means the displayed echogram and sonar displays are extremely clear, detailed, high resolution, and are very accurate. Soundome is stainless steel and features Kaijo sliprings.


This sonar offers fish sizing graph of a selected area anywhere in the sonar display, ensuring maximum catch determination.


With a horizontal 360x60 degree and 12x60degree sectional transmission, and an 8x8degree and 10x12 sectional receiver, this sonar offers amazing performace and a 5000Mtr range!

SCS3220 Sonar

Kaijo KDG-300

Kaijo KDG-300 140Khz Doppler Water Current meter.


The KDG-300 Doppler Current Meter offers 4 independent beams, allowing a Forward, Aft, Port, and Stbd view of the seabed and watercolumn targets.

The KDG-300 can track up to 5 independent water layers, and can detect seafloor to 600Mtr. This unit also offers a unique '3D' view of a descending object and the approximate fall trajectory through the water to the seafloor.


Using two identical, separate transducers mounted at 90degrees to each other (mills-cross design) the current indicator can detect water currents very effectively.

KDG-300 Deep Water
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