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Marine Computers

We stock and supply fanless and fan-assisted ruggedized industrial AC and DC computer systems, along with AC and DC bolt-in ruggedized monitors in 4:3 & 16:9.
Systems are all industrial heat and vibration rated to ensure longevity.


Our computers use genuine Intel CPU for all low-end/embedded and high-end systems. All motherboards and components are also industrial rating - solid capacitors, long MTBF for all components. All systems feature an integrated GPS engine, USB2/USB3, Parallel Port, 5/6 Serial Ports, and VGA, DVI-I, HDMI or VGA, VGA and HDMI display options.

Core i5 nvidia.jpg

Fanless Systems

Fanless systems with large passive radiators designed for each CPU type. Intel ATOM based systems require a much smaller surface area, as a result the footprint can be reduced significantly. Intel Core i5/i7 series generate much more heat, and require much larger heat dissipation surface area. Fanless series of Core i5/i7/i9 are also available with Nvidia GT8xx series graphics card.

Atom based PC.jpg

Fan-assisted Systems

Fan-assisted systems with large passive radiators and additional external fans provide extra cooling capacity required due to environment (high ambient temperature), CPU loading dependent upon application, CPU type and speed, and duty cycle. Faster high load systems generate large amounts of heat, especially systems with Core i7/i9 and Nvidia graphics solutions. Due to this a Fan-assisted range was introduced to eliminate any possibility of overheating. Fan-assisted systems do not force airflow into the systems chassis, meaning salt/damp air is not an issue.

Inside Industrial Computer.jpg
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